Triplet Sisters Take Control & Launch Careers

Triplet Sisters Take Control & Launch Careers

One Goal to Succeed; Three Different Majors 

Triplet sisters Shaunda, Sharnice and Stassia are used to doing almost everything together and now they have graduated on the same day – but with different majors. 

“Having different majors did not affect our relationship,” the Richardson sisters stated. “If anything, it allowed us to learn from each other in various ways that were beneficial to each of our respective majors.” 

“UVI gave us so many memories and lessons in disguise it is impossible for us to forget,”

The Richardson Sisters

“Our ultimate goal was to attend the same university,” the trio  says“It was not by fate, but on purpose that we ended up at the same university. It was a tedious process to locate a university that catered to our varying degrees.” The Anguillan natives note, “However, after research, it was a blessing to find a university close to home that provided us the opportunity to achieve that goal. It also surpassed another goal in which it catered to the 3 A’s of university selection. It was affordable, accessible, and accommodating.” 

Although just graduating, the trio have already launched into their individual careers. Shaunda who is a second-grade teacher at the Vivien Vanterpool Primary School in Anguilla plans to pursue a Master’s in Adult Education, in the near future, with the hopes of opening an educational facility to bridge the gaps between student engagement and success in the classroom to adult literacy in the homes. “Growing up with two siblings the same age as yourself it led to much creativity,” Shaunda says. “I remember playing classroom during Summer and Christmas vacations and always wanting to be the teacher. From those days, I knew being a teacher was my purpose.” 

Sharnice is employed as a Juvenile Care Worker at Zenaida Haven, a Juvenile Rehabilitation Center in Anguilla. She plans to take the state license exam and become a licensed Social Worker. “I also plan on doing my Masters in Clinical Social Work, Juvenile Justice, or Child Services,” Sharnice says. “No matter where life takes me, I do plan on making an impactful contribution on my community.” “Some persons ask why Social Work? I ask why not Social Work? I wanted a career in which I could be a voice for the voiceless, and an advocate for the most vulnerable in my community,” Sharnice says. “I wanted to be a person to challenge the system and be the difference that is needed.” Prior to attending UVI, she spent many summers at internships at various Social Development departments in Anguilla that led to her knowing that she was destined to work within this field.  

 “I am currently employed at the Royal Anguilla Police Force as a Special Constable working in the control room,” Stassia says. “But I have intentions of continuing my studies to pursue a Master of Science in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Emergency Management. The experience working there during Covid-19 showed me the importance of having a plan always ready, whenever an emergency may occur.” Stassia’s goal is to one day be a detective and then go on to be an FBI agent. “I have a passion for assisting others, bringing justice to those who need it, and being the light at the end of the tunnel for the vulnerable,” she said. From a young age Stassia knew she wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement, thus she spent many Summers at the Royal Anguilla Police Force, rotating between departments just to get “a bird’s eye view” of the area she wanted to specialize in. 

We are first-generation graduates and that is why we ensured to work hard every single semester so that the hard work of our parents was not in vain,”  the sisters say. “It was imperative that we exceeded their expectations to inspire them and our younger family members to never settle for mediocracy but display excellence in all that they do.” 

“UVI gave us so many memories and lessons in disguise it is impossible for us to forget,” The Richardson sisters said. “Although the start of our UVI journey began with two category five hurricanes about three weeks in the start of our journey; it taught us perseverance.” 

The sisters share the common opinion that their academic journey did not only provide them with a Bachelor’s degree but also a sense of independence, a community that cared about them, and also an experience that they would never forget.