Year: 2022

Rex Cazaubon

Passion for Coding & Community Motivates UVI Grad to Move Mountains 

Rex Cazaubon III, whose family hails from St. Lucia, always knew that technology and problem-solving…

cholas Durgadeen conducts research.

Nicholas Durgadeen: Leaving No UVI Opportunity Unturned  

To say that Nicholas Durgadeen kept busy during his five years of study at the…

Adina Browne celebrates commencement with family.

Adina Browne – Dreams Made Real at UVI 

Adina Browne always knew she wanted to study marine biology. She also dreamed of being…

Destiny Smalls poses at Commencement 2022

From Newborn Intensive Care Unit to Nursing School – ‘Dystanie Smalls’ Forges Her Own Path

According to Merriam-Webster, “destiny” implies something foreordained and often suggests a great or noble course or end. 

George Francis elbow bumps UVI President Dr. David Hall at Commencement.

Passion For Communication Leads to Successful Career Launch

Although he had an early introduction to journalism and immediately recognized he had a passion…

Commencement on UVI's Sheen Campus.

To 74-Year-Old Graduate Gretlyn  Joseph: Age is Just A Number 

“Age is just a number,” this is the motto that Gretlyn Jannette Joseph is living…