Dr. Fyama Wenner

Dr. Fyama Wenner

UVI Alumna Reflects on Decades Long Career in Healing

A Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist based in Atlanta,
Georgia, Dr. Fyama Wenner’s professional life is dedicated
to ensuring that both the mother and fetus are safe during
complicated high-risk pregnancies.

The 2001 graduate from the University of the Virgin Islands
(UVI) recalls that her love of biology, and her work/study
experience in the pathology lab at Roy Lester Schneider
Hospital, sparked her interest in pursuing a career in the
medical field. The professors and staff in UVI’s Biology
Department, and her participation in UVI’s Early Medical
School Selection Program played an instrumental role in
helping her to achieve her goal of being accepted to medical school.

“I was more than prepared for medical school based on
the education I received at UVI. The organic chemistry
and advanced biology classes I took helped prepare me
for the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), and the
great reference letters UVI wrote on my behalf were
critical in allowing me to reach my goal,” she stated.

Asked about the benefits of attending a Historically Black
College or University (HBCU) such as UVI, Dr. Wenner
noted that these institutions can provide a “safe,
comfortable” environment for learning. “College is a very
stressful time in a person’s life where we transition into
adulthood from being teenagers. The sense of
community allows you to grow as a person and make
mistakes, but know that everyone is available to help, is
looking out for you, and wants the best for you,” she said.

She enjoyed her time at UVI. “I remember snorkeling
during my marine biology classes, hanging out with
friends at the snack bar between classes, and watching
the sun go down from the benches at John Brewers Bay
beach,” she recalled.

Dr. Fyama Wenner
Dr. Fyama Wenner

Dr. Wenner’s fondest memories of growing up in the Virgin
Islands include flying kites with her father and sisters on
the golf course, going to Coral World, Carnival festivities
and swimming at Magens Bay. One of the biggest
challenges she faced was leaving the Virgin Islands and
moving to Boston for medical school, as she had never
been away from her family for that long.

She still returns to the Territory once or twice a year to see
her family, and her children spend their summers in the
Virgin Islands. She advises Virgin Islands students who
dream of becoming a doctor to gain some experience
prior to pursuing a medical degree.

“Like every profession, the field of medicine is a calling. If
you are interested in becoming a doctor, then you should
expose yourself to the field. Work or volunteer in the
hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office. Seeing firsthand what we
do and living a day in the life of a doctor is a good way to
determine if the profession is for you,” she advises.

Dr. Wenner’s success as a physician and her expertise in
working with high-risk pregnancies have brought
national recognition to both her and UVI. Her
achievements serve as an inspiration to current and
future UVI students, demonstrating that with commitment
and hard work, they also can achieve their dreams.

In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from
UVI, Dr. Wenner earned a medical degree from Boston
University School of Medicine. She completed her
residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Morehouse
School of Medicine, and a fellowship in Maternal Fetal
Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine.

In her free time, Dr. Wenner, who describes herself as a
“foodie”, enjoys reading, and watching action and
comedy movies.


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